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[602] Dao Haiku

everything = dao(null);
//Psudorandom ≠ Dao

Not sure if I should be ≈ or ≠ as that which is the Dao cannot be defined.

≠ will require a :( afterward.

Just wanted to share.
-Zach Lym
P.S. I don't write in Dao, but it s fun : )
Sorry, but I didn't understand anything at all :D Maybe someone can enlighten me?
Well, now Dao has the cultural aspect :)
After several times of careful reading, I guess I have more or less comprehended what was meant. Am I the enlightened one now? :)
Maybe I am also getting some glimpse of what that means:)
Ahhh nevermind, new day, fresh breath, new concentration, got it now :-P

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