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[271] A central place for dao code-snippets, examples or small modules?


Recently, I had an idea. We could need a webpage where users can upload their Dao-modules and others can download them.

Ideally something like gems for ruby. Now I fully agree that creating such a webpage (and maybe distribution system) is a whole big project on its own and probably noone of us has the time to do it, it would still be pretty cool :-)
Especially if one can rate the libs, etc.

You might argue that one should just create a project at github, gitorious, sourceforge, savannah, google code or similar, and you would be right.
The problem is that "Dao" is very difficult to search for.

More realistically, I propose that Limin adds a wiki to this webpage (daovm.net), that holds a list of links to modules (maybe ordered by category, or whatever), so one could still manage the module at one of those sites cited before (or just create a wiki page for it, if it's really small), but we would have some sort of index of existing dao libraries, that would be way simpler to search/browse.
The wiki would ideally be editable by anyone who has an account at this webpage.

What are your opinions on this?
    ...And our next step will be utter world domination using the power of Dao [evil laugh] :)
    To be serious, it's a good idea, but how much users do you suppose Dao has at present? Except our small band, I doubt there is a crowd of enthusiasts waiting for being able to upload/download unique Dao modules... Still, I like your idea. But maybe it's just too early for it to come true?
    Adding a wiki seems good enough for now.

I think that's a good idea, but something simple should be good for now, I will see what can be done without taking too much time.
...And our next step will be utter world domination using the power of Dao [evil laugh] :)
that's amusing :)
Hehehe, just wait, in 10-20 years every job offer will have Dao as a requirement, no more java, c# ;-)

Yeah a wiki-like thing should definitely be enough for now. We could already have shared small things like for example your Qt wrapper, even though we are not a big community yet. (But I'm sure that it will grow)

By the way, talking about community size, I have only found out about this language thanks to the page on wikipedia, but now that it is gone, I wonder where we should get new users from? Maybe you should put it back into there on the next language release you will make.

Edit: I just came up with a related idea: Wouldn't it be useful for the documentation to be in wiki-sytle too, so we (site members) can fix small typos, re-phrase confusing sentenses, add notes or even update it? Or do you not like to maybe lose track of the current documentation status?
That wikipedia page about Dao need to be put back, but maybe better by somebody else -- there are guys do not like the fact that I created such page myself (probably I should have done it with a username hard for those narrow-minded guys to figure it out...).

My original idea about the online documentation is to be wiki-based, but since this website was developed using Dao, I had to write everything myself, it took a lot of time, so some features were not implemented. I am hoping to find some time to upgrade this website to the current version of Dao, with more enhancements such as wiki features etc. Everything is about time:)
I will gladly write a page on wikipedia for you when you will officially publish the next Dao version, so we know what to put in and what not ;-)
Just hit me when you prepare the release.
PS: A little off-topic, but do you still sometimes hang out in the #dao channel over there at Freenode? We could chat a bit on rare occasions we are online at the same time, like right now ;)
Thank you, I will let you know.

This #dao channel must have been created by geocalc who was interested in Dao some time ago. I am not familiar with IRC, I don't remember if I have ever tried to be there. Probably it's something I should get used to, I have been asked if I would be available to chat by IRC. I just looked into some IRC clients, not sure which one is more comfortable.

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