How To Have A Reliable E-store

Nowadays, everyone is going online. From consumers to business owners. The reason for this are varied, but the most important thing is they all want convenience. It is therefore in the best interests of everyone to have a website with as little downtime as possible.

Website Monitoring refers to test and monitors set in place from different parts of the world to ensure that the website is always on when needed and as needed. Of essential importance is uptime monitoring which measures when and how reliable a site is.

website monitoring

The uptime monitoring uses metrics like response time, availability and reliability to come up with an accurate measure. It is done under various environment a process called load testing.

With all the metrics, Uptime monitoring is done with a simple metric. It is measured in 9Ns.It means the number of times a website is available at any given time. These includes nine 5s which means a site is expected to be available 99.999% of the year.

When it comes to site monitoring, as a business owner you need to have it.But even before you go around shopping for a website monitoring company, simple things can go a long way.

It will always pay to have a web host with not less than nine 5s. It means you can only expect 6 minutes of downtime the whole year. It is the least acceptable number. Otherwise, you risk losing business thanks to the incompetence of the Web host. Some hosts will pay you should you have more than agreed downtime. Make sure that is captured in the contract.

It will also pay to have a monitoring of your own. It means doing an external monitoring outside of your firm’s firewall and see how the site behaves. An internal monitoring can also reveal how your firewall is affecting site availability.

When looking for a website monitoring company to handle your needs, it is always a good idea to check the companies reviews online. Always go with five-star reviews.

You should also choose a company with an excellent customer service, and that gives you a track to your site performance. It is an important measure that will ensure you go far.

Website monitoring is an often ignored part of an Estore that is the difference between repeat sales and frustrated customers. Make it happen.